Story about one of the most great and emotional walk in Cigov Chark

Хотелски комплекс Каталина - Цигов чарк

Me and my girlfriend went to Cigov Chark in a lovely hotel named “KATALINA”. We felt very cheerful and happy of atmosphere there created of a woman called Nadeto and the owner of the hotel as we found later.

The first day of our vacation and after we checked into hotel room, we felt it would go crazy of boredom and no diversity, but after we went out in the dark and in the stillness of the night we heard the song of crickets and the fresh air inspired us, but the unique view of the Batak dam makes us speechless…

We could not believe what kind of pleasure is watching fireflies at night and listening the song of various birds.

In the morning we rented bikes from the hotel “KATALINA” and did go out to take a look of the Batak dam area. The views around the dam were unique, but the road we were walking had a wonderful watershed and some beautiful rocks with frost on them. We were playing as young children on many games, talking with animals in a strange way to understand, but alcohol, the trout on fire and cheerful mood helped us forget all inhibitions and feel truly happy in this natural paradise had combined everything a person needs, and that what we have forgotten. When we had the way back, completely tired of emotions, we were past on a “magic path”. This path told us a strange story, because the trees on it were enclosed astonishing drawings. We went back to the hotel and all of us drank one liter of water, tired and thirsty.

We went into the hotel room and as we sat to take some rest on the couch, we slept as a babies. I do not remember I ever slept so long and sweet until when I was a little boy. We even went to dinner, because of that. On the next day we woke up hungry like a pack of wolves and we went into the hotel dining room like as we had commanded of fire brigade. That was only the first day of our vacation and I think tell you later the continue of our adventures it were not over but just was beginning …